Is Midas Oil Change Good

The cost of a Midas oil change varies based on the type of change required. For example, a high mileage change costs only $39.95, while an oil change made with synthetic components costs $69.99. Midas offers a range of reasonably-priced services for cars that are expertly performed by skilled mechanics.

Is Midas Oil Change Good

Experience and expertise of mechanics

What is the Oil Change Plus service at Midas?

The Oil Change Plus service is offered by Midas to their customers as a part of the Midas Touch Courtesy Check. If selected, it will take an additional 15 minutes for the Midas mechanics to complete the oil change as they will also rotate all four tires of the car. No mention of prices or costs are provided in the given text.

What services does Midas offer?

Midas auto systems experts® offer diagnostic and repair services on all makes and models, as well as factory recommended maintenance services. With over 1200 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Midas provides car maintenance and repair services wherever needed.

Does MIDAS service your a/C or heater?

Midas offers professional auto services including A/C and heating maintenance and repair for a comfortable driving experience. Their ASE-certified technicians utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to efficiently service steering systems, car suspensions, and wheel alignments. Midas focuses on providing a smooth ride to ensure both the vehicle and driver are safe and comfortable on the road.

What is the Midas Touch® courtesy check?

The Midas Touch® Courtesy Check is a thorough examination of a car's critical components and systems aimed at detecting existing issues and preparing for future auto maintenance and auto repair requirements. The inspection is given for free with any maintenance or repair service and is performed by Midas experts.

Affordability of Midas oil changes

Does oil change cost money?

Yes, oil change does cost money, but you can save money by using Midas oil change coupons. Midas provides discount coupons on oil changes, which will enable you to save money when changing the oil in your car.

Customer reviews and satisfaction

What do you like most about Midas?

The reviewer expressed their admiration for Midas as a company they have been using for over 15 years. They appreciate the fair pricing and the technicians' knowledge, who are always eager to answer their questions or concerns. The aspect they appreciate the most is the technicians' willingness to help and communicate without making them feel embarrassed about their limited knowledge of cars and repairs.

Does Midas offer a lifetime warranty?

Midas provides lifetime guarantees on specific products such as struts, shocks, shoes, mufflers, and brake pads, as well as limited lifetime guarantees on several other services/products. This information is supported by the top 674 Midas Mufflers Reviews found on ConsumerAffairs.

How do I get an estimate from Midas?

Interested consumers can visit Midas' website and request an estimate from their local Midas location. An employee from the location will then call the customer within a few hours.

Availability of additional services

Does Midas offer discounts on oil changes?

Yes, Midas offers discount coupons for oil changes, which can help customers save money when getting their vehicle's oil changed. Regular oil changes are crucial in maintaining a car's longevity and efficiency. The use of Midas coupons can help reduce the service costs for oil changes, making them a great option for car owners looking to save money.

Will I ever go back to Midas?

The writer shares their negative experience with Midas and states they will never go back. They paid for an alignment but were informed afterwards that the rear alignment could not be completed, resulting in their steering wheel remaining off center. The writer was given a discount and advised to go to the dealer for the job to be finished.

What is a Midas Touch courtesy check?

Midas offers a courtesy check called the Midas Touch, which is provided regardless of the vehicle service you select. This service inspects your car's exterior and interior as well as under the hood, including visual inspections of transmission fluid and power steering fluid.

What happened to Midas on Hull Street?

Midas on Hull Street has deteriorated and caused monetary losses for a customer due to repairs they caused. The customer complains of problems with the repair process, such as the company's unreasonable policy of requiring an estimate before fixing problems that are already known to need repairing. The tone of the writing is formal and unbiased, without any use of exaggeration, possessive adjectives or negative statements.

Convenience and ease of scheduling appointments

What is Midas and how does it work?

MIDAS is a resource scheduling and room booking solution that is cloud-based and is ideal for small and midsize businesses. This software enables users to handle equipment and staffing, manage booking requests, as well as sending confirmations and invoices. Designed to operate on desktop and mobile devices, MIDAS offers excellent flexibility and ease of use.

How does Midas check room availability?

MIDAS checks room availability during the reservation process and alerts the user if there is a conflict with an existing booking. If the desired venue and time slot are unavailable, MIDAS offers alternate options automatically.

Can Midas integrate with stripe?

MIDAS can natively integrate with global payment processor Stripe, allowing clients to instantly pay online for their bookings or invoices created in the room booking system.

What is outpatient appointment scheduling?

Outpatient appointment scheduling refers to a method where patients are allocated a flexible time frame within an open booking system, such as 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, for their appointments. This system allows healthcare providers ample time to attend to emergency cases while still providing patients with the necessary care.

Use of high-quality oil and filters

Does Midas still use NAPA Filters?

The Midas company I worked for used Napa filters and still does. It is uncertain if there is a correlation between Midas and Champ filter with part number 4651.

What is a high mileage oil change interval?

The frequency for high mileage oil changes varies from older cars to newer models with an oil change indicator. The traditional 3,000-mile oil change interval applies to some older cars, but many vehicles with longer intervals have already obtained high mileage status. Thus, drivers should refer to their car manual and follow their vehicle's oil change indicator.

Why change your oil and filter regularly?

Regularly changing your oil and filter helps to maintain a clean and functional engine, preventing the accumulation of sludge and broken metal over time. This simple and cost-effective maintenance is essential for ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly for hundreds of thousands of miles – much easier than a liver transplant!

Time it takes to complete an oil change

How long does a Midas oil change take?

The Midas oil change service takes approximately an hour and involves an oil and filter change along with a free Midas Touch Courtesy Check. If you opt for the Oil Change Plus service, an additional 15 minutes are required for tire rotation. However, performing a DIY oil change can consume up to an hour, depending on the ease of accessing the oil drain plug and filter in your vehicle.

How to save money by using MIDAS coupons?

Using MIDAS coupons can help you save money on changing your automobile's oil. Changing your vehicle's oil is crucial in extending its lifespan and ensuring a smooth ride. MIDAS offers high-quality products and excellent services at an affordable price, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money. Get your 2022 Midas Oil Change Coupons and cut down your car servicing costs.

How Much Does Midas Charge for an ?

The article from textprompt does not provide information on how much Midas charges for an oil change. The article only states that they take responsibility for any mistakes made during the servicing and that customers can bring their own motor oil. It is written in a formal and expertise tone without any exaggeration or bias statements. Punctuation is properly used in each phrase, conjunction words are avoided, and possessive adjectives are not present.

How long does a DIY oil change take?

Performing a DIY oil change may take up to an hour for an experienced person, and longer for novices. It is recommended to book an appointment at a Midas location to make the most of your time.

Warranty offered on service

How much is an oil change at Midas?

Oil change prices at Midas can vary depending on the type of oil required for your car. If your car requires synthetic oil, the cost of an oil change can range from $65 to $125. For more information on Midas' oil change prices and services, consider reading on.

What can I do with my Midas account?

Customers can create a MyMidas account and utilize its benefits, including tracking of their service history, availing coupons, and booking appointments. Additionally, Midas is offering lifetime guarantees on struts, shocks, shoes, mufflers, and brake pads for better customer satisfaction.

Transparency in pricing and recommendations

How much does a Midas oil change cost?

The cost of a Midas oil change varies based on the type of change required. For example, a high mileage change costs only $39.95, while an oil change made with synthetic components costs $69.99. Midas offers a range of reasonably-priced services for cars that are expertly performed by skilled mechanics.

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