Don't Know What Car To Buy

Dealer incentives are discounts offered by manufacturers to encourage dealers to sell their products. These incentives are often used in the auto industry, but can be employed by other types of resellers or brokers.

Don't Know What Car To Buy

Your budget

Do you have a car-buying budget?

There are various methods for establishing a car-buying budget, as highlighted in the guide "How much you should spend on a car" by US News & World Report's "What Car Should I Buy?" However, it is crucial to remain within the financial restrictions to avoid complications that may arise when a buyer overspends.

How do I budget for a car?

Setting a budget for buying a car is a crucial step in the overall process. If you have cash on hand, determining your budget is straightforward - simply look at the available funds. However, for most people, obtaining a car loan is necessary, which can complicate the budgeting process. To aid in car affordability calculations, U.S. News & World Report offers a Car Affordability Calculator.

Should you budget for a car loan?

When considering buying a car, many people opt for a car loan, which can complicate the budgeting process. To ensure financial fitness, it's essential to compare potential loan payments with your monthly budget, rather than focusing on the car's sticker price. A car affordability calculator from U.S. News & World Report can provide useful guidance in this regard.

What should I consider when buying a car?

When buying a car, it's important to consider all the costs involved, including fuel, maintenance, auto insurance, and parking, and not just the monthly car payments. Comparing car prices based on the entire cost, including interest, fees, and taxes, is critical.

Your lifestyle needs (family, work, hobbies)

Do you need a hobby?

Having a hobby may be beneficial even for those with busy and stressful lives. Engaging in hobbies can provide various benefits that can enrich a person's life. As such, hobbies are not just for people who lead relaxed lives.

Do hobbies make us better people?

According to a study from the Society of Behavioral Medicine, engaging in leisure activities can lead to decreased negative emotions and lower stress levels, implying that hobbies can indeed improve us as individuals. It is important to prioritize hobbies on par with work to reap the benefits of their positive impact on our well-being.

Why do interviewers ask about hobbies?

Interviewers ask about hobbies to gain a better understanding of the interviewee's personality and innate interests. It is important to choose hobbies wisely as they can represent a person's character.

How to find interest in a hobby?

Discovering interest in a hobby can be a fulfilling experience if done right. One way is to connect it to your childhood or reflect on how you got interested in the activity. Mentioning your hobbies and interests can be helpful in a personal interview as long as it is done appropriately. Engaging in hobbies can assist in unwinding and enjoying leisure time, making them an important aspect of one's life.

Your driving habits (long distances, city driving)

What are the best tips for driving a long distance?

To enhance your safety during long-distance driving; it is best to partner with an experienced, trustworthy driver, take turns driving to reduce strain and maintain alertness, listen to the radio and turn up the volume if traveling alone.

Is it safe to drive for a long period of time?

Driving for a long period of time can lead to driver fatigue, which is a leading cause of accidents. However, there are ways to stay safe and alert while driving for a long stretch of time. The first rule is to never drive a car if you are already tired.

Should driving habits be based on age?

No, decisions about a person's ability to drive should never be based on age alone. Safety concerns may arise due to changes in vision, physical fitness and reflexes, but accurately assessing these changes can help individuals adjust their driving habits to promote safety on the road or choose alternative forms of transportation.

How many hours a day can you drive?

For safety reasons, it is recommended that one person should limit their driving time to no more than 8-hours a day. This 8-hour time frame is for driving only and excludes break time. While driving for more than 8-hours a day is possible, it is advisable to adhere to the recommended time-frame to ensure one is in top driving condition.

Fuel efficiency

Does fuel economy matter?

Fuel economy is a crucial aspect that is highly discussed among car owners and prospective car buyers. Although the price of fuel may be a concern for some, many aim to find a vehicle that consumes less gas compared to other cars on the road. The article highlights the importance of finding a car that has the best gas mileage in 2023.

What are the benefits of fuel efficiency?

Cars with good fuel efficiency consume and carry less fuel, providing significant benefits not only to our lives but also to the environment. The greater the amount of energy the car can get, the higher its fuel efficiency will be. In contrast, the lower the amount of energy the car can release, the lower its fuel efficiency will be.

What is a fuel economy rating?

A fuel economy rating refers to the distance a particular vehicle can travel on a certain amount of fuel. Cars with a lower fuel economy rating tend to cost more to run and produce more pollution since they burn more fuel to travel the same distance.

Reliability and maintenance costs

Are today's cars more reliable than older cars?

Today's cars are generally more reliable and last longer than older vehicles. However, they are also more complex and expensive to repair when they do break down. Service intervals have become more comprehensive, with longer checklists of vehicle systems and components that need to be checked.

What are new car reliability ratings?

New car reliability ratings are predictions of the likelihood of a vehicle encountering mechanical problems during its lifespan. These ratings are essential information for car shoppers as they allow buyers to estimate how much they will spend on maintenance and how often they might find themselves stranded on the roadside. For this reason, it is crucial to research reliability ratings when purchasing a new car, with the most reliable car brands for 2022 listed by CarGurus.

What makes a vehicle easier to repair and maintain?

Several factors determine a vehicle's ease of repair and maintenance, including the size of the engine compartment, unobstructed access to parts, and how often repairs are needed. Of course, vehicles that require fewer repairs are generally the easiest to maintain.

Safety features

What safety features should I look for when buying a car?

When comparing car models, it is important to pay attention to safety features. Antilock brakes and electronic stability control are highly recommended. Even if you are purchasing a used vehicle, these features are worth seeking out as they can greatly enhance safety while driving.

Do car companies advertise their safety features?

Car companies today tend to market their safety features such as fuel efficiency, technology, and performance. This marks a major shift from the past. In the article, various safety features are discussed under several categories including standard safety features, collision prevention safety features, speed control safety features, and vision and headlight safety features.

What are standard safety features?

Standard safety features are a comprehensive list of devices and attributes mandated by the government to ensure the safety of vehicles. These features cover everything from a car's structural framework to its tires, and while many may be unfamiliar, they are essential in preventing accidents and protecting drivers and passengers.

Are Vehicle Safety Features Actually Reducing Car Accidents?

The article titled "Should You Buy a Car with AI Safety Features?" presents information on advanced safety systems in vehicles, discussing various benefits of these features in reducing car accidents. It does not provide any conclusive evidence on their effectiveness or role in reducing car accidents, but highlights the importance of such features as a long-term goal for car manufacturers.

Resale value

Which cars have the best resale value?

This section highlights the top 21 cars that retain their value best after five years of ownership. The list includes Mazda Mazda6, Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy, Kia Forte, Toyota Yaris, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Honda Accord, Mazda Mazda3, Volkswagen Golf, Chevrolet Camaro, and more. The cars are described in a formal and expertise tone without exaggeration and bias statements.

Possessive adjectives are avoided, and punctuation is added for each item. Conjunction words are not used, and textprompt is not mentioned.

What vehicles hold the best value?

According to the data from [textprompt], these vehicles are deemed to hold the best value: Subaru Impreza as a compact car with 43.1%, Toyota Camry as a midsize car with 40.9%, Lexus IS as an entry-level luxury car with 38.4%, Lexus LS as a luxury car with 33.0%, Chevrolet Corvette as a sports car with 49.5%, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid as a hybrid vehicle with 48.6%, Tesla Model X as an electric vehicle with 47.3%, Subaru Crosstrek as a subcompact SUV with 50.4%, and Subaru Forester as a compact SUV with 45.0%.

What car holds its value the best?

According to a list by Textprompt, the car that holds its value the best in 2022 is the Toyota Land Cruiser, with a retained value of 72.5%. The Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayman were also mentioned as slow depreciating cars but did not have a higher retained value than the Land Cruiser.

Which car has the best residual value?

Based on the data from the article, the 2021 Honda Civic is listed as the car with the highest residual value.

Test drive experience

What to look for when you take a test drive?

When taking a test drive, it is important to avoid buying the car on the same day to prevent being influenced by the intoxicating smell of a new car. Instead, pay attention to certain factors such as the car's handling, acceleration, braking, and overall comfort. It is recommended to adopt a formal and unbiased tone, refraining from lists, negative or biased statements, conjunction words, and possessive adjectives.

How important is a test drive when buying a new car?

A thorough test drive is crucial when buying a new or used car, especially with the increasing amount of new technology and features in vehicles. According to a survey conducted by Cox Automotive, only 32 percent of consumers know exactly which car they want when they begin their search. It is important to pay attention to the details during a test drive to ensure the car meets all of your needs and expectations.

What percentage of car buyers forgo test drives?

According to a survey of 2,000 consumers cited in a 2014 Forbes article, 16% of car buyers choose not to take a test drive before purchasing a vehicle.

How many people test drive only one car?

According to Ron Montoya from, 55 percent of people test drive only one car before purchasing it. This statistic is surprising considering the common practice of trying on multiple shoes or hats before finding the perfect fit.

Online reviews and ratings

What is the best online car buying site?

Our guide recommends Carvana, CarMax and AutoTrader as top picks for the best online car buying site due to their great vehicle selection, pricing and online experience.

How do I buy a car from Consumer Reports?

To purchase a car from Consumer Reports, it is advised to test-drive the models on your short list by visiting dealerships. Consumer Reports buys nearly 50 vehicles yearly for testing purposes and often commence the purchase process online, which can be accessed by any car shopper as a lower-stress option.

Are car listings always accurate?

According to CarGurus reviews, car listings are not always reliable as many reviews report instances of advertised cars being already sold when potential buyers go to dealers.

What should you know before buying a car?

When buying a car, it is important to test drive the specific vehicle you are considering, instead of a similar one. During the test drive, pay attention to your comfort level and visibility. Testing the car for 10 minutes can provide more information than hours of research.

Dealer/manufacturer incentives and promotions.

What are dealer incentives?

Dealer incentives are discounts offered by manufacturers to encourage dealers to sell their products. These incentives are often used in the auto industry, but can be employed by other types of resellers or brokers.

How do manufacturers help dealers sell new cars?

Manufacturers support their dealers in various ways, including offering special programs such as military discounts, first-time buyer incentives, and other programs that target specific customer niches to provide further discounts for new car buyers. Additionally, manufacturers also provide factory-to-dealer cash incentives as a way of aiding their dealers in selling new cars.

What are car incentives?

Car incentives are methods used by manufacturers to boost the sales of certain car models by offering discounts to buyers. The incentives come in different forms such as financing deals, cash back offers, and lease incentives. These deals are designed to increase the pace of sales and help move cars off dealers' lots. U.S. News has compiled a list of the Best Car Deals & Incentives for September 2021 which provides buyers with substantial discounts without haggling.

What is manufacturer incentive?

Manufacturer incentives are a type of incentive given to dealerships, which can be used to close deals with difficult negotiators. Known as "dealer cash", it is a form of rebate exclusive to dealerships, and the sales managers can choose to use it without disclosing its existence or passing it on to customers.

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